Death and Life: Rakuny Ga Walnga

| 00:21:20

Performance by Yirrkala artists Baluka Maymuru, Sebastian Djarrpuy Maymuru, Marcus Maymuru, Christopher Marrputja Munungurr and Michael Wirrpanda at the opening celebrations of ‘Death and Life: Rakuny Ga Walnga: Contemporary Arnhem Land Art’. The sand sculpture, carrying the dancers’ dynamic footprints, will remain in the space for the duration of the exhibition.

Belief in the circulatory nature of death and life is integral to Arnhem Land art. ‘Death and Life: rakuny ga walnga’ — the Gallery’s first Collection-based exhibition dedicated to contemporary art from Arnhem Land — features bark paintings, hollow log memorial poles, sculptures and weavings that embody this idea.

Please note: It is customary in many Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities not to mention the name or reproduce images of the deceased. All such mentions and images used here are with permission. However, we encourage visitors viewing QAGOMA TV to exercise care and discretion.