Kerrie Poliness ‘Field Drawing #1′

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For ‘Trace Live’ Kerrie Poliness made a large-scale geometric drawing in sports field line marker on the grassed area between GOMA and the State Library. Often quoting the history of twentieth-century abstract art, Poliness has made a number of these spectacular works in the past. While they can be produced to varying dimensions on any flat surface (typically walls and floors) by following the artist’s instruction manual, these works can never be precisely replicated, as their execution is dependent on an approximation rather than precise measurements. This site-specific piece at GOMA, Field Drawing #1, appeared and slowly degraded over time, before disappearing altogether at the conclusion of the ‘Trace: Performance and Its Documents’ exhibition.

In association with the exhibition ‘Trace: Performance and its Documents’. The exhibition ‘Trace’ draws out relationships between performance and its documents, bringing together new commissions with historical and contemporary works | 22 February – 27 July 2014 | Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) | Free