A story by John Pule | Drawing Words

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John Pule (Niue/New Zealand b.1962) reading from his novel ‘The shark that ate the sun’, published by Penguin, Middlesex, 1992. Filmed by Sangeeta Singh, assisted by Kelepi Koroi at the Video Unit, the University of the South Pacific Media Centre, Suva, Fiji

Drawing words 2006 | Mini DV (exhibited on DVD), 4:26 minutes, colour, sound

John Pule is an artist, writer and poet whose art works often combine words and images. For ’21st Century Kids’ Pule presents a large-scale collaborative drawing project titled Drawing words. Engaging with Niuean legends and culture, children can draw their interpretations of poetic words and phrases provided by the artist for display in the Gallery.

Courtesy: The artist and the Queensland Art Gallery