‘Cult Japan’ | Glasses, Dreams and Aeroplanes: Miyazaki Hayao’s ‘Last’ Film at QAGOMA

| 00:38:33

Associate Professor Tomoko Aoyama, Reader in Japanese, School of Languages and Cultures, The University of Queensland shares her insights into the ‘Cult Japan’ film program, with a specific focus on some of the key motifs found in the work of renowned director, producer and screenwriter Hayao Miyazaki.

‘Cult Japan’ celebrates the strange and outrageous in post-war Japanese cinema. The program includes underground and cult classics; Japan’s unique variation on horror and action cinema; and the excessive, surreal and kitsch depictions of love, revenge and technology that have made Japanese genre cinema an international success. These strands are accompanied by a retrospective of Hayao Miyazaki, Japan’s most celebrated animator and director whose hand-crafted fables explore the environment, social justice and the adventures of young women growing up.

‘Cult Japan’ is at the Australian Cinémathèque, Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) until 2 September 2015