‘APT8′ Q&A for Secondary Schools

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The APT8 Q&A for Secondary Schools, a new initiative to engage art students with exhibitions, took place on Tuesday 9 February 2016. Student representatives from 8 schools participated in the event, and posed questions to Reuben Keehan, Curator, Contemporary Asian Art. Other interested Queensland schools were invited to access a live stream of the event on YouTube.

59 student questions were submitted across three focus areas: featured artists/regions, exhibition design, key curatorial concepts. The eight selected questions are representative of the students’ collective interest in APT8:

1. Is there a selection criteria when choosing artists for APT 8?
2. Why has the body (and performance) emerged as such a powerful artistic media in APT8?
3. When I look at Tumbash model XQ, I interpret the large, mangled mass of human bodies incorporated with the four harmonious animals of Buddhism to represent the strain that the Earth’s large human population is having on the environment. Is this what the artist intended? Where might the artist stand on our environmental impact as human beings?
4. With regards to David Medalla’s foam machines, where did he get the inspiration for something so ambitious and different? How did he go about turning that idea into a moving piece of artwork? I love the dynamic way the art almost creates itself in real time, and can be seen over and over again without being the same!
5. When curating an exhibition such as the APT which hosts a diverse array of cultures and countries, do you often find recurring themes or ideas amongst the works?
6. APT8 consists of work by artists from both first world and developing countries. Despite these diverse economic and cultural differences, are there similarities between the issues explored by artists or is it the case that artists in more developed countries make work that is less political and perhaps more self-indulgent?
7. How do you think the role of art has evolved through time?
8. Does contemporary practice have a greater impact on social and political change than say the work of artists last century?

The Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT) is the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art’s flagship exhibition focused on the work of Asia, the Pacific and Australia | 21 November 2015 – 10 April 2016

Exhibition Founding Sponsor: Queensland Government
Exhibition Principal Sponsor: Audi Australia
Major Education Sponsor: Santos