APT8 Artist Interview | Uudam Tran Nguyen | Auslan & Closed Captions

| 00:03:50

UuDam Tran Nguyen’s videos reflect on contemporary life in Vietnam and the way rural and urban spaces have been transformed by dramatic economic and industrial development. On returning to Ho Chi Minh City from living in Los Angeles, he was struck by these changes, and particularly by the prevalence of motorcyclists in facemasks and protective capes, rendering them as anonymous ‘knights’ from a forgotten myth. Serpents’ Tails 2015 is a new video work that extends from his Waltz of the Machine Equestrians – Machine Equestrians 2012, and draws attention to the toxic impact of heavy traffic in the city. It features a group of motorcycle ‘equestrians’, and tracks their choreographed passage through the city, accompanied by Shostakovich’s Suite for Jazz Orchestra no.2, Waltz no.2.

The Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT) is the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art’s flagship exhibition focussed on the work of Asia, the Pacific and Australia | 21 November 2015 – 10 April 2016

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