Perspectives: Asia | Strengthening Japan-Australia Relations at a Time of International Uncertainty

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Australia and Japan have enjoyed a close and mature partnership over the last few decades. This relationship is fundamentally important to both countries’ strategic and economic interests.

Join Japan’s Ambassador to Australia Mr Sumio Kusaka, as he talks about some of the recent major geopolitical developments we have witnessed around the world and the challenges both Japan and Australia face. Ambassador Kusaka will discuss strategic and rational reasons why Japan and Australia should work together and closely at a time of international uncertainty, and how changes occurring on domestic levels have affected the bilateral relationship.

Ambassador Kusaka brings with him 37 years of distinguished service as a member of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Speaker:  His Excellency Mr Sumio Kusaka, Japan’s Ambassador to Australia.

Perspectives: Asia seminars are co hosted by the Australian Centre of Asia-Pacific Art (ACAPA), QAGOMA) and The Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University.