Alick Tipoti introduces ‘Kudusur’ 2017

| 00:03:28

Kudusur 2017 translates as ‘poling with elbow’. This work is Tipoti’s interpretation of the spiritual ancestors, Thoegay and Kang, known to his people as the Zugubal. Thoegay and Kang are two brothers, who extend their elbows and use them as paddles for their canoe. Keen-sighted Thoegay sits at the front, and Kang is blind and sits at the back. Kang is always chewing on a medicine plant.

Tipoti explains that this mural depicts the brothers summoning the winds to blow, because they wish to sail to another island. Four spiritual figures appear from the sea through whirly-winds. These are ancestral spirits — the ancient Zugubal. They have come to present the winds of different directions or seasons that blow in the Torres Strait Islands, so the brothers can choose one blowing towards their destination. Left to right, they read as: Naygay (dry season), Sager (trade wind season), Kuki (monsoon season), and Zey (a transitional period).