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    ‘Time of others’ In Conversation

    | 00:57:05

    Reuben Keehan, Curator, Contemporary Asian Art, QAGOMA; Che Kyongfa, Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; and Hashimoto Azusa, Curator, The National Museum of Art, Osaka ...

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    APT8 In Conversation | Asim Waqif

    | 00:23:11

    Asim Waqif in conversation with Tarun Nagesh, Associate Curator, Asian Art, QAGOMA, in front of his large scale installation in GOMA’s long gallery. The Asia ...

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    APT8 In Conversation | Po Po

    | 00:28:29

    Po Po is a pioneer in the field of conceptual and performance art in Myanmar, and has maintained a career under wavering social and political ...

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    APT8 In Conversation | Ming Wong

    | 00:22:15

    Ming Wong and collaborators from Yogyakarta, Singapore and Sydney (Tamara Pertamina/Otniel Tasman, Shahmen Suku, and Bradd Edwards) in conversation with Gary Carsley, Senior Lecturer UNSW ...