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    APT8 Live: Savage Klub closing performance

    | 00:23:41

    SaVAGE d’acti.VA.tion by SaVAge K’lub contains partial nudity. Viewer discretion is advised. The Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT) is the Queensland Art Gallery ...

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    APT8 Conference | Yamani performance

    | 00:13:36

    The APT8 Conference invited artists, researchers, and curators from Australia, Asia and the Pacific to address some of the key conceptual threads in the exhibition. ...

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    APT8 Live | Ming Wong

    | 00:09:13

    APT8 artist Ming Wong presents Aku Akan Bertahan/I Will Survive 2015, a drag and lip syncing performance that draws on queer culture in Yogyakarta and ...

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    APT8 Live Performance | Yumi Danis (We Dance)

    | 00:19:47

    This special performance featuring Kanak choreographers and dancers Richard Digoué and Simane Wénéthem, and accompanied by musician Tio Massing and Yumi Danis (We Dance) co-curator ...

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    APT8 Live | Nakamura Yuta

    | 00:41:48

    APT8 artist Nakamura Yuta presents Craft on the periphery of folk art and architecture 2015, a lecture that focuses on the bricolage techniques used by ...