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    The Still Life – an illustrated history

    | 00:44:49

    Dr Andrea Bubenik, Lecturer in Art History, The University of Queensland, explores the fascinating history and significance of the still life genre using the works ...

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    GOMA Talks Harvest: Politics of food

    | 01:00:19

    In this GOMA Talks session, host Paul Barclay and guests examine the politics surrounding contemporary food culture. Drawing from debates over food labelling, junk food, ...

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    GOMA Talks Harvest: Food, Art and Life

    | 00:56:11

    In this GOMA Talks session, host Sarah Kanowski, presenter of ABC Radio National’s Weekend Arts and guests: Fallen Fruit: LA-Based artist collective & exhibiting ‘Harvest’ ...

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    GOMA Talks Harvest: Food Futures

    | 01:05:54

    In twenty-first-century culture, food is everything and yet, in this new millennium, society is arguably more removed from the realities of food production at any ...

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    Joachim Froese in conversation

    | 00:39:31

    Sally Foster, Assistant Curator, International Art, QAGOMA, in conversation with ‘Harvest’ artist Joachim Froese about his practice and the significance of the still life genre in contemporary ...